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Almco Sutton CFT 2000

SKU: 1012
Category: Finishing Equipment
Subcategory: Deburring, Vibratory, Cleaning
Manufacturer: Almco
Model: CFT-2000
Type: 1 Spindle Type

Almco/Sutton CFT-2000-1 Spindle Type Finishing Machine

30" diameter tank x 26" deep

spindle capable of processing parts
up to 18" in diameter x 4" high

Rebuilt, with new tub and bearings

Excellent condition

The spindle rotates in each direction for an electrically timed cycle at speeds varying from 300 RPM to 2000 RPM. Spindle is adjustable from 0 to a 14 degree angle. Vibrating abrasive tank is raised to submerge fixtured piece part into abrasive media. While submerged, the part is rotated for a prescribed time cycle at a predetermined speed or speeds for the total time required. Spindle head indexes left and right at variable speed, and adjustable distances to suit piece part being processed.

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